General Information

When is Edaville USA open?

The hours of operation can be found on the website under "Hours and Directions" and on our "Events" page.

Where is Edaville USA located?

Edaville USA is located just off Route 58 in South Carver, Massachusetts. It is about 4 miles from Exit 2 (Route 58 north) on Interstate 495. It is also about 8 miles from Exit 6 (Route 44) on Route 3. (Take Route 44 west to Route 58 south.) Directions can be found on the "Hours and Directions" page.

How can I contact Edaville USA?

Edaville USA can be reached via phone, e-mail or regular mail. Edaville USA's phone numbers are: (508) 866-8190. You can reach Edaville USA via e-mail go to Contacts Edaville USA's mailing address is P.O. Box 825, Carver, MA 02330, and the general e-mail is info@edaville.com.

What credit cards are accepted at Edaville USA?

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards can be used for ticket purchases plus purchases at the gift store and most concessions. An ATM is also available on site.

What is Edaville USA's "weather-permitting" policy?

Since most of the attractions are located outside, Edaville USA reserves the right to close due to inclement weather. If the weather is questionable, it's best to check Facebook or call ahead to make sure Edaville USA will be open. Edaville USA generally makes a decision on whether to open approximately two hours before the published opening time. Edaville USA also reserves the right to close the park early on any given day if the weather or other factors make it unsafe for visitors or employees.

All other events are held Rain or Shine.

Are pets allowed at Edaville USA?

Pets are not allowed at Edaville USA. Guide dogs for the disabled are the only exceptions. We also ask that you do not keep your pet locked in your car during your visit.

Is there parking available at Edaville USA?

Parking is always FREE at Edaville USA!! We have ample parking for the normal crowds that visit. The parking lot is located just outside the main entrance and is about a quarter-mile walk from the platform where you board the train. There are certain special events, such as our Pumpkins Aglow in October and the Christmas Festival of Lights in November and December, when Edaville USA gets very crowded. During these events, parking is at a premium and alternate parking areas might be utilized. The address for our parking lot is 5 Pine St Carver, MA 02330.

Can I bring a baby stroller to Edaville USA?

Yes, baby strollers are welcome everywhere in the park except on the train ride itself. Edaville USA's railroad is narrow gauge and, because of the smaller railroad cars, having strollers on the train could create a safety issue. Edaville USA has set up a "stroller parking" right next to the train platform. You can leave your stroller there just before boarding the train and pick it up immediately after the train ride is over.

Is camping permitted at Edaville USA?

At this time, no camping is permitted on the Edaville USA property.

When is the best time to visit Edaville USA?

Each of the seasons that Edaville operates has something unique to offer.

*Summer offers special events and all day fun! Keep an eye on our events page to see themed weekends, visits from characters, and other cool happenings at Edaville!

* Fall offers fantastic day AND night time fun with our Pumpkins Aglow!

* Winter (November through early January) offers late afternoon and evening rides through Edaville USA's famous Christmas Festival of Lights.

* All seasons offer something different, so plan a visit during each one!

Tickets and Rates

What is the rate structure at Edaville USA?

You can find the rates for the 2015 Season by going to the "Events" page.

What is included in the ticket price?

The admission ticket during regular days of operation includes unlimited rides on all attractions at Edaville USA, including the train ride. It also includes admission to the museum building, which houses the Ellis’s Playhouse for children and the Cranberry World Experience.

Can I purchase Edaville USA tickets in advance?

Tickets are available to purchase online, by clicking the "Events" tab. In addition, tickets for all of our operating days can be purchased at the gate.

Note: We do recommend that you purchase Polar Express™ tickets in advance, since this is a timed train ride.

Are there discounts available on the ticket prices?

There are group rates available for groups of 20 or more. We also have promotions available in the community throughout our 2014 marketing campaign. Other discounts for the 2015 season have yet been determined.

Can you purchase a ticket for a specific train departure time or do you have to wait in line for the next train?

There are no tickets available for specific departures except during special, all-reserved events such as Polar Express™. During regularly scheduled operating days, trains are boarded in a first come/first served basis. During the Christmas Festival of Lights, there may be a short wait for the next available train.

Does Edaville USA offer a season pass?

Edaville does offer a season pass, go to the home page for more information..

Are tickets available online?

Yes, tickets are available online by visiting the Buy Online tab. For Edaville general admission tickets, please visit our online ticket calendar.

Are group rates available for the "Holiday Festival of Lights"?

Yes, groups of 20 or more, rates are available for the Christmas Festival of Lights. Please call 508-866-8190 for rates.

Handicap Access

Is Edaville handicapped accessible?

Yes, Edaville is accessible to the handicapped. The entire parking lot, walkway and station area is paved and on a level surface. There are no hills to negotiate. KC’s Cafe, the souvenir shops and restrooms are also easily accessible and are located at ground level, with no stairs to climb. The museum is the only building that's not at ground level. It is located at the top of a very small hill and there is a paved ramp to the entranceway.

Is there handicapped parking?

Yes. There is handicapped parking just to the left of the main entrance. If there are parking attendants on duty, ask them to direct you to the handicapped parking area.

Can I ride the train if I require a wheelchair?

Yes, you can. The train has a caboose with a wide sliding door on the side. Whenever this train arrives at the station, the door of the caboose is positioned adjacent to a sturdy wooden ramp that allows for direct access to the train. However, because Edaville USA's train is narrow gauge, and therefore quite small, a passenger with a wheelchair may only ride in the caboose. It is the only car in the train with room to accommodate a wheelchair.

Train Ride

How long is the train ride?

The train ride is slightly less than two miles long and lasts approximately 20 minutes during most events

When are the trains scheduled to leave the station?

During Edaville USA's regularly scheduled days of operation, trains depart on an as-needed basis, beginning one hour after Edaville USA opens, with the last trip one hour before the posted closing time. During the Day Out With Thomas™ event, the trains are timed starting at 9:30am and they depart every 40 minutes with the last train at 4:10pm. Polar Express™ trains leave at 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm and 7:30pm

Are the train cars air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter?

The train is not air-conditioned. The summer train consists of enclosed coaches, open-air excursion cars and a caboose. The railroad is adjacent to a reservoir about half the time, and travels through forests as well, so it's usually cool in the summer. All cars are enclosed and heated during the winter months.

Are there bathrooms on the train?

There are no bathrooms on the train. Edaville is a narrow-gauge train, and the cars are only six feet wide, so there's no room for bathrooms. There are restrooms in the small depot building right next to the platform, and the train trip only lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Steam Engine

Are there any steam engines at Edaville?

Yes. Edaville currently owns and maintains two steam engines. The first engine, engine #21 is a 1938 English-built 0-6-0 Hudswell Clarke that saw service at a sugar plantation in Fiji. The first phase of restoration of the "Anne Elizabeth" was completed in late 2001. The second phase began in 2011 where the engine was converted from oil fired back to coal fired. In 2013, Edaville took delivery of engine #11, a 1925 American-built 0-4-0 that was rebuilt by Boothbay RR in 2013.

Other Attractions

Besides the train ride, what else is there to do at Edaville USA?

Edaville USA is a wonderful family fun park especially geared to families with young children. Along with the train ride, there are eleven amusement rides for children of all ages (please see rides page for ride restrictions). You can visit Cranberry World, which is filled with antique cars, cranberry harvesting equipment, and the history behind the wonderful fruit known as the cranberry! And of course, there is Ellis’s Playhouse, an indoor play area, which has a huge ball pit, maze, video viewing, train tables, and more!

What amusement rides are available?

Currently the following rides available:

Antique Carousel - traditional.

Flying Jumbo Ride - elephants that go around, and the up and down is controlled by the rider.

The Caterpillar – for smaller children - ride that goes around while going slightly up and down, similar to a bumpy road.

The Flying Turtles - for the smaller children - circular ride with no other movement - children sit in the turtles.

The Red Baron – a circular airplane ride that has an up and down motion which is controlled by the rider.

A.J's Express - a small train ride for small children - similar to those you find in malls during the holidays.

“Big Eli” The Ferris Wheel – traditional Ferris Wheel built in 1953.

A Tilt-A-Whirl - revolving cars that spin on a central pivot point as they rotate around a central hub.

Astronaut - "Space Capsules" that move up and down, which are controlled by the rider.

The Scrambler - spinning ride where individual seats spin in opposite direction of main machinery.

Please visit our RIDES page for more information, and ride restrictions.

How long is the average stay at Edaville?

Edaville was created for the young at heart so there is plenty to do for the kids. The length of time you spend is up to you. Spend as much or as little time as you like. Either before or after your train ride, let the kids have fun on all of the rides. Remember, everything is included in the regular days of operation admission fee.

Christmas Festival of Lights and Polar Express™

What are the event dates and times?

Please view our "Events" or "Hours and Directions" page for exact dates

How long is the Polar Express train ride?

The train ride is approximately 50 minutes

What does the Polar Express admission include?

Like all events held at Edaville, admission includes more then just entry to the park. Your admission includes unlimited amusement rides, one train ride of your selection, hot chocolate and cookies, Polar Express Bell, visits with Santa, access to children’s play areas, and more.

What does the Christmas Festival of Lights admission include?

Like all events held at Edaville, admission includes more then just entry to the park. Your admission includes unlimited amusement rides, unlimited train rides, visit with Santa, access to children’s play areas, and more.

Is Dinoland open during the Festival of Lights?

Due to cold weather, our Dinosaurs hibernate during the winter, but open back up first thing in June!

Can I purchase tickets at the gate?

During the Christmas Festival of Lights, tickets can be purchased either online if you want to beat the line or at the gate. The Chirstmas Festival of Lights does not sell out. But, we highly recommend you purchase tickets in advance if you plan on attending Polar Express night, since they sell out rather quickly.

Will there be any other trains running during Polar Express?

Yes. We do run a Festival of Lights train in between the Polar Express trains

Is there anything to eat at the park?

Yes, with the exception of our Chicken BBQ, all food kiosks are open. For more info click on the Food tab.

Do the passenger cars have specific seeting arrangements?

No, the passenger cars have bench seats, but you may be asked by the train crew to sit in a specific car

How long is the regular Christmas Festival of Lights train ride?

The train ride is approximately 20 minutes

Are the trains heated?

Absolutely. The trains are covered as well as heated, but dress for the occasion. Most of our other rides are outdoors.

Will the Christmas Lights be on for the Polar Express event as well?

Yes, all 7 million of them

Will there be fireworks this year?

Not for 2014

Do you currently have a steam locomotive?

Edaville does have two steam locomotives, newly restored #11 and our existing engine #21. Steam engines typically run on Polar Express nights, please check our Facebook page for updates.

Do the amusement rides have height restrictions?

Yes. Massachusetts follows strict guidelines when it comes to amusement parks and rides. Please observe our Ride Participation Policy on the "Rides" page for more info and before purchasing tickets.

Do you have a group rate?

Edaville USA is able to accommodate large groups, tour buses, corporate parties, and daycare groups. Just about any size outing can be arranged. Please check the schedule for dates and times of operation. For rates and to book your group, please call 508-866-8190 ext. 20

Are the kiddie rides open during the Christmas Festival of Lights?

Yes. The amusement rides are open whenever the park is open. Some rides may be weather permitting.

I seem to remember a sort of "Santa's Village" from childhood visits. Is there still an attraction like that?

Yes, the Santa's Village has been restored along the main walk way and is now part of Edaville USA's famous "Christmas Festival of Lights."

Will Santa be at Edaville anytime during the holiday season?

Yes, Santa will be making his stop at Edaville during the "Christmas Festival of Lights." He will be there daily through Christmas Eve, and can be found in the Cran Central Junction (museum) building. Santa does leave at 8:30pm nightly.

Food Services

What types of food are available at Edaville?

There are a number of different food outlets at Edaville. The biggest of these is KC’s Cafe, located right next to the platform where passengers board the train. KC’s Cafe serves hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, french fries, pizza, chicken fingers, as well as sodas, juices, coffee and bottled water. They also serve hot chocolate during the Christmas Festival of Lights in November and December.

The prices are relatively inexpensive and the food is quite good.

The "Hobo Eats" serves up amazing fried dough, and creamy ice cream.

The “Choo Choo Barbecue” is a seasonal tradition that serves up our famous “Cranberry Land” style barbecue! This can be enjoyed thru Columbus Day.

For more information please visit our "Food" page.

Are there special menus available if I'm bringing a big group?

Yes, special menus for groups are available. Call Edaville at (508) 866-8190 and ask for extension 20.

Can I bring a picnic lunch to Edaville USA? If so, are there picnic tables available?

You may bring a picnic lunch to Edaville. However, the only area where picnickers are allowed is at the tables near the entrance. No food is permitted past the special events tent at the front of the park.

Are there vegetarian meals available at Edaville USA?

There are a number of items at available at Edaville that do not include meat. There are salads, grilled cheese sandwiches, French fries, onion rings, and pizza.

Gifts and Merchandise

Is there a place that I can purchase Edaville USA Souvenirs?

Yes, We have a main gift shop at the park as well as a candy depot. The main gift shop sells exclusive Edaville merchandise, toys, games, cranberry merchandise, and much more. Our Candy Depot is located, right next to the loading platform for the train. This shop sells candies and goodies from all around, as well as Edaville Souvenirs.

Do you Carry Thomas and Friends™ Merchandise?

Yes, we do. We have a large selection of Thomas and Friends™ Merchandise that can be purchased.

Are you a licensed Thomas and Friends™ seller?

Yes we are licensed by HIT Entertainment to sell Thomas and Friends™ merchandise.

What are the hours of operation?

We are open the same hours as Edaville USA. Please see their hours of operation for specific times and dates.

Can we shop when Edaville is closed?

Call ahead at 508-866-4152. If we are at the store then we can arrange for you to come and make a purchase. For insurance, and safety purposes we are not open at all times. Again, please call and we can set up time for you to visit our shops.

Local Information

Are there any restaurants in Carver or nearby towns?

Yes, Mamma Mia's Italian Resteraunt has a fantastic menu at a reasonable price, and are only 10 minutes from the park. In Wareham, about 5 miles south of Edaville, has a number of "family-style" restaurants that offer varied menus, have good food and are reasonably priced. Plymouth, 8 miles east of Edaville USA, offers the largest selection of restaurants in the area. There are chain restaurants, as well as several popular “family –style” places along the waterfront of Plymouth Harbor. Isaacs and East Bay Grill, both overlook Plymouth Harbor. Phone numbers for all of these restaurants can be located in the yellow pages.

Are there any shuttle service from any of the Hotels or Motels or from downtown Plymouth to Edaville USA?

At this time, no. We are constantly working with area Hotels/Motels and other venues in arranging shuttle services from Plymouth and communities.

Past, Present and Future

Will Edaville be the way I remember it from the past?

Yes and no. Edaville is back, but it's different than it used to be due to the fact that most of the original equipment from the old Edaville has been relocated to the Maine Narrow Gauge Museum in Portland, Maine. Therefore, it has been necessary for the new owners to seek out different locomotives and rolling stock to replace what was moved. This is an on-going task, and more equipment will become available as time goes on. Many of the original buildings from Edaville were over 40 years old, and the New England weather and disuse had taken their toll.

It was decided to demolish some of the older structures and replace them over time. The aged depot building next to the platform has been remodeled and is now called the KC’s Cafe, in which food is served. The smaller depot building was torn down and replaced with a brand new structure that follows the design elements of the larger station building. The new depot building houses a gift shop and brand new restrooms. The old cinder-block restroom building has been demolished, along with the Cranberry Junction building near the parking lot, the machine shop near the platform and numerous smaller structures. Some of the more popular elements of the old Edaville have been retained by the new management, such as the Christmas Festival of Lights, which runs between mid-November and New Year's Day, the carousel and other amusement rides.

The biggest change for 2005 is the shortening of the original 5 1/2 mile railroad to a more manageable 2 mile loop. This was necessitated by a combination of development in the Mt. Urann area and conservation/wetland issues which precluded other alternatives.


Edaville was put up for sale and with now potential buyers, was in danger of closing its doors forever. In 2011, the current owner, Jon Delli-Priscolli decided to keep the park and the only way to keep it alive was to do some revamping. A three year plan was drawn up in 2012, with plans for new rides, which includes water rides, freshly painted rides, new events, concessions, gift shops, a new main entrance and overflow parking. We are excited for the future of Edaville and have high hopes that Edaville will remain in business for years to come, allowing generations of families to continue a family tradition.


During the summer of 2013, the park began a three year major renovation project. Starting with the parking lot and front of the park, several tons of dirt were moved about to make way for a larger parking lot, moving of track and construction of new buildings. The parking lot was increased by twice the size it was before allowing a better flow of traffic and availability of parking spots. Plans for a sidewalk, trees and lighting will be installed along the roadway. The track was moved in order to accomodate more parking. The front entrance way was moved in order to be more centered with the parking lot. The carousel was moved to the front of the park and the boarding tent was moved to it's exisiting location to provide additional cover for customers to eat and enjoy live entertainment. A new baloon ride was installed next to Jumbo. Finally, we received over 20 animatronic dinaours which will be installed in 2014.


In 2014 Edaville permanently opened Dinoland in the park! The front enterance was updated to look a bit more modern. The bumper cars were moved inside the brick building, along with some smaller rides upstairs. We introduced some awesome events, including our VIP Santa Train, and our Princess Party. Throughout the year we made improvements to the park as well as our rides including Thomasland that will be arriving in 2015! Please stay tuned!